(LARGE WIDTH)#1b Roots/Honey Tips Dreadlock Bundles..
(LARGE WIDTH)#1b Roots/Honey Tips Dreadlock Bundles..
(LARGE WIDTH)#1b Roots/Honey Tips Dreadlock Bundles..
Legacy Locs

(LARGE WIDTH)#1b Roots/Honey Tips Dreadlock Bundles..

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(LARGE WIDTH) #1b Roots/Honey Tips Dreadlock Bundles

*All the locs are sold in bundles. 10 locs come in 1 bundle.

*Large Width = 1.5 cm-1.8 cm

*These are the average amounts needed to give you a complete head of locs.
Large Width 6-8 Bundles (60-80 Locs)

*Upon checkout, you will select the number of bundles you would like in the section that says (Quantity).
For example:
If you select the quantity of 1 you will be placing an order for 1 bundle= 10 locs.
select the quantity of 3 you will be placing an order for 3 bundles=30 locs.

These locs are made with 100% human hair. These dreadlock extensions feels and looks like matured, aged, natural grown locs. These locs an be added to existing locs to add length or for repairs on broken locs. Each loc is specially crafted. No loc is the same!Very lightweight to prevent traction alopecia!


*Please allow 2-3 weeks processing period for orders under 3 bundles, under 12" inches. Orders over 3 bundles, longer than 12" inches will require 4-8 weeks processing period. 

Customer Reviews

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Big up

I have always wanted to do locs, after a of comtemplating I finally decided that I was gonna do it, I didn't like the idea of growing it out from scratch because I always like to look well groomed. After months of searching for the right person to buy my locs, I came across legacy locs I just loved the fact that her locs looked thick and they were worth the price, I decided to order it took a whike before I got it but I was not in a rush, I was so happy and excited when I got it ,it's the most realistic locs I have seen on the market, I can't wait to put it in...Legacy locks really did a great job!!

Real Deal

Been growmy locs for about 7 years now and have recently decided to go freeform after retwisting throughout most of my journey. Because of the combiningbof locs into larger ones a good portion of my ends were split(double headed). I didn’t mind but I’ve done a good amount of damage through wanting to be cool and bleaching my locs too much and as a result, they were pretty weak. I’ve considered just chopping and letting them be or attempting to repair them when I came across Legacy Locs on Instagram. I was highly impressed as I imagine you are if you’re here at this point. I ordered, they were delivered very fast considering the manufacturing time. I couldn’t believe how amazing of a job was done... like... fuckin crazy! I chop off my double headed dragons and attach the Legacy Locs to my existing hair, took almost no time and they blend so seamlessly that my wife couldn’t even tell where they began. Neither could I honestly lol. If you’re considering this... DO IT. ✊

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