(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles
Legacy Locs

(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b Roots/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Bundles

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(HOOPED ENDS) SMALL WIDTH #1b/Honey Brown Tips Dreadlock Extensions Bundles



Upon check out, please leave a note or send a message letting us no how many inches of color you'd like the tips of your locs to be dyed. If no message is left after you check out, your locs will be colored according to the chart below:

3"-4" inch locs- 1" inch honey tips
5"-6" inch locs- 2" inch honey tips
10"-11" inch locs- 3-4" inch honey tips
14"-15" inch locs- 5-6" inch honey tips


Hooped end dreadlock extensions is an alternative solution for the individual who does not desire to make their loc extensions permanent. Hooped end dreadlock extensions are perfect for crocheting onto cronrow braids, to give the illusion of natural grown dreadlock extensions. Hooped end loc extensions gives you the ability to remove from your hair when ready, without damage to your natural hair with proper removal.

These locs are made with 100% human hair. These dreadlock extensions feels and looks like matured, aged, natural grown locs. Each loc is specially crafted. No loc is the same! Very lightweight !



*All the locs are sold in bundles. 10 locs come in 1 bundle.
Upon checkout, you will select the number of bundles you would like in the section that says Quantity.
For example:
If you select the quantity of 1 you will be placing an order for 1 bundle= 10 locs.
select the quantity of 3 you will be placing an order for 3 bundles=30 locs.

*Please allow 4-6 weeks handling time after receipt of cleared payment for locs to be made. All orders over 4 bundles and longer than 14 inches will require 6- 8 weeks processing period.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pleasurable Experience and Wonderful Hair

Every exchange I had with Sandy, the business owner was great. She was informative and upfront with pricing, shipping, and other relevant issues. She explained the projected production timeline and was able to provide with me 50 custom colored loc extensions in a timely manner. She always responded to my inquires and provided a tracking number to me after my order was shipped overnight service. The locs themselves are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Well made, tightly crocheted, and colored seamlessly. I f I ever need additional locs, I will definitely order from Legacy Locs.


I received my locs today and I’m happy with them but I think you should let it be known off hand how many locs you get in a bundle...But I’ll still be purchasing more because the 10 is not gonna do my head lol

Thank you so much for your positive review! We provide detailed information pertaining to the loc extensions in item description where you placed your order, which includes how many locs are sold in one bundle. For future reference, there is also a FAQ page located here on our website that you might find very informative. Thank you again for taking the time to leave you feedback!
Not worth it

10 short pieces for Locs for $45.70 and I waited over 3 months for is totally not worth the wait and cost. This is terrible business.

I'm sorry you feel that way about your locs. Your locs were made short because your locs were made exactly to what you ordered (1 bundle(10 locs), 5'-6' inches, small width, honey brown tips). There is a FAQ page on the website, there you will find the answer to most common questions asked about the loc extensions. The processing period is 4-6 weeks, you placed your order on September 16, 2017 and your locs were shipped on October 28, 2017 , not 3 months later. All of our dreadlock extensions are handmade, custom ordered. We appreciate patience in allowing us to make your custom locs with love and care to ensure the ultimate quality.The processing period is listed on the website on numerous pages, and emailed to all customers after an order is placed so that they are aware of the processing period.

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