1) How many locs come in one bundle?
*10 locs come in one bundle

2) How do I choose the quantity of bundles I would like to purchase?
*When you select your quantity at checkout, you are selecting the number of bundles you would like.
For example:
If you select the quantity of 1 you will be placing an order for 1 bundle= 10 locs.
select the quantity of 3 you will be placing an order for 3 bundles=30 locs.

3) How do I select the locs width size and inches?
*To select the loc width and inches, you simply click on the "Width" drop down box, then you will see a lot of different option to choose from.
For example:
S. Width[10-11 in] inches = Small Width[10-11 inches in length
M. Width[10-11 in] inches = Medium Width[10-11 inches in length
L. Width[10-11 in] inches = Large Width[10-11 inches in length

4) What are the measurements of the loc extensions?(All locs are measured in centimeters)
*XSmall Width = .25 cm
Small Width = .5 cm(Pencil width)
Medium Width = .8 cm -1 cm(Sharpie marker width)
Large Width = 1.5 cm-1.8 cm

5) Can I install the loc extensions to my existing locs?
*You can add the loc extensions to your existing locs for more length.

6) What different lengths can you make the dreadlock extensions?
*The dreadlock extensions can be made in different lengths ranging from 3"inches - 25"inches.

7) How long does my natural hair have to be to install the loc extensions?
*The loc extensions can be installed on any hair type. For a proper installation, you need at least 3 inches of new growth.

8) How do you install loc extensions?
*There are many different methods to installing loc extensions. The best thing to do is to consult with a local loctician who specialize in installing loc extensions. Also, YouTube has some great tutorials on how to install loc extensions.

9) How many loc extensions will I need to complete a full head of locs?
*Please note that the thickness your natural hair plays a factor in how many locs you would require. These are the average amounts needed to give you a complete head of locs.

Small Width 8-12 Bundles (80-120 Locs)
Medium Width 7-10 Bundles (70-100 Locs)
Large Width 6-8 Bundles (60-80 Locs)

10) I am not sure on how many loc extensions I would need to give me a full head of locs.
* The best advice I can give you to help determine how many locs you'll need to cover your whole head, is to section your hair into individual plaits that you think will accommodate the width loc extensions you're interested in. After you finish putting you hair in single plaits, count each plait, and that will give you an idea of how many loc extensions you'll need to purchase to give you a full head of locs.

11) What kind of hair do you use to make the loc extensions with?
*The locs are made with 100% Brazilian human hair.

12) Can I change the color of the loc extensions?

*Locs made in color virgin #1b can be bleached and dyed with no problem. Locs made in color #1, #2, #4, has been processed / dyed, and the color will be difficult to lift, or might not lift at all when bleached.

13) Can the loc extension damage if I bleach them?

*Even though the hair can be bleached / dyed, I wouldn't advise bleaching the extensions more than 3 times. The chemicals in the bleach will break down the locs, eventually causing the locs to weaken, thin out, and eventually break off. The same thing will happen to natural locs if processed to many times, or not processed properly.

14) I have a certain color I'd like my locs to be, can you make the locs with the color I have in mind?
*Yes, I also custom make the loc extensions into any color or create a ombre tip in any color a customer desire. I prefer to make loc extensions with a color the customer desire, to avoid the customer from processing the locs themselves, or maybe damaging their extensions. Even though the locs are made with 100% Brazilian human hair, processing the hair to many times will shorten the longevity of the extensions.

15) How soon will I receive my locs after I've place my order?
*All of our dreadlock extensions are handmade, custom ordered. Please keep in mind that our loc extension products are handmade. We appreciate your patience in allowing us to make your custom locs with love and care to ensure the ultimate quality. In order to make sure your locs are of the highest quality, don't be alarmed if your locs are delayed within 1-4 days of the fulfillment time. Since we customize each order to the customers liking, (such as special dye job, special loc shape, or length) these may take extra time.
Please allow 4-8 weeks handling time after receipt of cleared payment for locs to be made.

16) Why does it take so long for me to receive my loc extensions?
*It takes a long time because each loc is made by hand. Only 2-5 locs can be made in one hour. In addition to that, there are so many orders placed in a month ranging from 10 locs -150 locs per order. To be fair to each customer, orders are completed in the order received, that's why there is a 1-2 month wait.

17) Can I wash and condition the loc extensions?
*Yes, you can wash and condition the loc extensions. The extensions are made with 100% Brazilian human hair, therefore the extensions will react to hair product just as your natural hair would.

18) Over time will the loc extensions look and feel real like they did when I first received them?
*Yes, with proper care, LLocs extensions look even better as they age. What makes LLoc extensions unique and look and feel identical to real locs, is the fact that they are made by using a specific technique that can only be done by hand.

19) Would I be able to find handmade loc extensions in local beauty supply stores?
*You can not find handmade locs at your local beauty supply store.

Processing Time Disclosure

Please allow 2-3 weeks processing period for orders under 3 bundles, under 12" inches. Orders over 3 bundles, longer than 12" inches will require 4-8 weeks processing period.
After locs are completed, your order will be shipped, and tracking details will be emailed to you.
We appreciate your patience in allowing us to make your custom locs with love and care to ensure the ultimate quality. To ensure your locs are of the highest quality, don't be alarmed if your locs are delayed within 1-4 days of the fulfillment time. Since we customize each order to the customers liking, (such as special dye job, special loc shape, or length) these may take extra time. Orders that are scheduled to be ship on holidays or holiday weekend may be delayed 1-2 days due to the holiday.

Returns & Exchange

Due to the nature of the product we sell, WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS, but we may exchange your product under certain circumstances. Because our products are custom hand made, we do our best to provide sufficient information, videos, photos, to ensure the highest level of confidence to our customers before they purchase. Please send a message if you have any questions or concerns that haven't been answered. We reply back to you within 24-48 hours, or at our earliest convenience.
Domestic Shipping

To the continental U.S. is handled by the United States Postal Service
Expedited, 2-Day, and Overnight orders placed before 11AM (PST) will be shipped the same day (or the following business day if placed on the weekend). Please note that some packages may require a signature and may not be released if no one is present at the time of delivery. LLocs cannot be responsible for any delays caused by signature requirements or adverse weather conditions. Delivery dates for Economy and Standard shipping are estimates only. Only expedited, 2-Day, and Overnight shipping methods are guaranteed to arrive by the quoted dates.
International Shipping

Once your locs are completed and shipped, International shipping may take anywhere between 1-3 weeks for delivery. Orders will be shipped to the address selected during checkout. Please verify the correct address in advance.
I am not responsible for any customs fees, VAT, or any other taxes or fees. Customs fees, VAT, or any other taxes is the sole responsibility of the buyer.